21-Gun Royal Salute, Fort Amherst

Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
The Fort Amherst Heritage Trust
6 May 2023
Barrack Hill off Dock Road, CHATHAM, Kent, ME4 4UB, United Kingdom
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The Fort Amherst Heritage Trust is a charity that purchased the fortifications overlooking Chatham in Kent in 1981. Since then it has undertaken extensive restoration of the fortress which dates from 1756 and was extended during the Napoleonic Wars. We undertake tours of the underground works and present historic re-enactments from periods of the fort’s history. The above ground areas which extend to about twenty acres are open to the public as a community park. Fort Amherst has a tradition of firing ceremonial salutes dating back to 1756 and was for over 160 years one of the official ‘Saluting Stations’ of the United Kingdom where guns would be fired and the Royal Standard flown. Fort Amherst in Chatham is very proud to announce it will be firing a Royal Salute on the occasion of the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III on Saturday 6 May. The salute will commence at 12 noon which is the time at which The Archbishop of Canterbury will place the St Edward’s Crown on Charles’s head. The Fort Amherst Salute will be fired from Belvedere Battery on the Upper Fortress overlooking Chatham and Rochester. Fort Amherst and the Pantry Café will be open to visitors on this special and historic occasion.