Coronation Big Brunch and Celebration Party, Rathfriland

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Coronation Big Brunch and Celebration Party
6 May 2023
29 Bog Road, Rathfriland, Newry, Down, BT34 5DT, United Kingdom
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DBRDA are keen to bring King Charles III Coronation celebrations to the local isolated rural community that we serve. As such we are planning to hold a Brunch / Tea Party / Celebration Day with educational and fun activities for all. This will include:

• Historical Exhibition / Coronation Talk

• Watch the Coronation live on the ‘big screen’ together as a community;

• Musical entertainment / mini concert using local bands and artists who will focus on performing official music from the Coronation programme, music associated with the Royal Family as well as favourite family songs;

• Activity/colouring station and celebration packs will be provided as a learning tools and fun activities for on the day and to takeaway for learning. Packs will be provided to suit both children and adults;

• A Coronation Brunch / Tea Party for the community that will provide games and entertainment for all ages – this will include, for example, fancy dress, party games, build a crown competition, King’s breakfast fry / picnic / Tea Party / Coronation Party Decorations / Coronation Chair Photo Booth.

The activities will provide a mixture of educational opportunities as well as fun social events for all ages of participants to celebrates the King Charles III Coronation.

In addition, we would see this event as an excellent opportunity to explain to those from different backgrounds and cultures why we hold His Majesty King Charles III and Royal Family in such high esteem and why celebrating his Coronation is relevant to our shared history. In doing so the event will:

• help build positive community relations within our local rural community;

• raise awareness and understanding within our local rural community;

• promote respect within our local rural community;

• address perceptions and mis-perceptions within our local rural community.