Coronation Fun Day, Bourtreehill

Open to public?
Open to public, no booking required
Hosted by:
Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association (BABCA)
8 May 2023
Towerlands Farm Road, Bourtreehill, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA11 1PY, United Kingdom
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To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III, a Coronation Fun Day is being organised by the Broomlands and Bourtreehill Community Association (BABCA), with fun activities and entertainment for children, and food, provided both provided free of charge, with additional activities for adults.

To bring together the whole community in celebration of this glorious event and in recognition of the importance that community, friendship and togetherness brings after a period of isolation for many over the last few years, we welcome all to this event.

BABCA sits at the heart of the community, operating Towerlands Community Centre, the Farm Basket (Food Larder) and hosting events, community fun days, family entertainment, and many other activities throughout the year for all ages.

Adjacent to the lands once rented by King Robert II of Scotland, the Bourtreehill Estate, with many other nobles occupying land before and after, and incorporated within the Royal Borough of Irvine, visited by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1979, the history and connections to Scottish and British royalty, and nobility, is recognised and remembered.