Coronation Film for Children

The Department for Culture Media and Sport has commissioned a short film for primary school-aged children, explaining the history and significance of the Coronation.

Inside the Coronation

It’s Coronation Day! And Elysha wants to know what it’s all about. Join her as she goes on a journey with her pigeon friend to discover the history and importance of the Coronation, the role of The King, and the significance of the Monarchy around the world. Let’s hope she makes it back in time for the street party…

Run time: 10 minutes 19 seconds

Watch ‘Inside the Coronation’ on YouTube


How to download the film

‘Inside the Coronation’ is free to download and watch in homes and schools across the UK, including in school assemblies, lessons and Coronation events.

The film is available in English, Welsh,  Scottish Gaelic and British Sign Language.

You can watch all versions of ‘Inside the Coronation’ via our Youtube channel or download the videos using the links below.


More Resources

From educational resources and visit opportunities to lesson inspiration and fun activities, there are many ways schools can get involved to learn about and celebrate the Coronation.

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